9 disgusting creatures that could live inside you

Nine Nasty  Might be Resting Inside of You-Watch Out

Tapeworm is horrible parasite invades your digestive tract and you cannot feel it.  The only way to see it is through examination of your stool.


Scabies are terrors causing an extreme skin rashes and itching.


Roaches are the most common bug to go wandering into your ear. Be watchful otherwise you may be infected with these annoying bugs.


Loa Loa  is frightening ghost that can enter the human through any entry point, but where they end up is particularly horrifying. They are known to travel through your body and finally settle in your eyes. NOPE.

Loa Loa-living-inside-you

Earwigs are rare, but beware when they appear they hang out in your ear canal just to freak you out.


Candiru is disgusting fish and is fascinated to ammonia which is present in human urine, beware in urinating that might attract candiru to enter in.


Hookworms are vampires living in your intestines and set banquet on your blood, which can cause an iron deficiency.


Moths are known to go crawling through your ears every now and then and it is tremendously hard to remove, you need a doctor to cautiously remove them with tweezers.


Maggots are offensive creatures have been found all over humans, though majority of infections occur in the scalp. Avoid garbage cans, dead animals, and rotten food if you don’t want a coiffure resident.


June Bugs are beetles being  found in several ear and mouths of people, causing hearing disturbances.

june bugs-living-inside-you

Human Botfly can lay it’s eggs mostly anywhere on/in you. Botflies have been found under human skin, in the mouth, and even in the eyes. *Shudders*

human botfly-living-inside-you

Horrifying, itching, annoying creatures.  Avoid imagining these creatures that really give you nightmares otherwise call your friend to share these imaginations.

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