‘Forest Of Weed’ Found Growing In South London

forest weed farm found in south londonforest weed farm found in south london

150 weed plants were found growing in an  area of wasteland in Kingston, South London, some of the plants had grown as tall as Christmas trees.

Weed forest found in south London

The forest site is set to be destroyed after weed plants were found to be growing in an area the size of a football pitch.


A member of public discovered the sit’s in Kingston in Southwest London, it was a 20 minute walk through the actual wasteland to reach the site of the growing cannabis plants.

Amongst the weed forest there was a white gazebo with no one to be found on the site, no one has been suspected or arrested as of yet.

Scotland Yard has asked anyone with information to urgently contact them by calling the helpline 101.



This begs the question…

What at would you do if you came across a wasteland filled with a growing forest if weed plants?

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