New Audi Swarm Break Lights

Daily Mail Excerpt: Audi has revealed a car lighting technology that can make the back of its cars show bright patterns to other drivers.

This ‘swarm’ is made up of thousands of small red lights that cover the width of the boot and react to movements of the car.

The screens are designed to show other drivers what the driver it doing – but motoring organisations told MailOnline the technology should stay a concept.


Audi lighting technology swarm

Reddit Excerpt: The lights on cars are finally starting to get interesting. The advent of LED and OLED lighting has opened up a world of creative possibilities for designers, and that means that new cars are coming with some genuinely interesting shapes in their lights. Heck, the S-Class can be had with freaking Swarovski crystals. Of course, there are laws governing what a cars lights have to look like, and those are cramping the style of both designers and engineers. Yes, I am mad that we don’t get Audi’s laser headlights here in the U.S.

audi swarm with oled lighting 1

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